****** ATTENTION ******

This site has been enabled to support user identification and authentication using DoD PKI.  To comply with DoD mandates, this site has been restricted as of January 26th, 2006, to only allow access to users that authenticate with a DoD PKI certificate.

DoD Employees and On-Site Contractors

DoD employees and on-site contractors may acquire a CAC through their local CAC office, by going to this link: CAC Issuance Site

Users who do not remember their CAC PIN will need to visit their local CAC office, CAC Issuance Site Locator , to get it reset.


Contractors/vendors (on/off-site) unable to obtain a CAC may purchase software certificates from a DoD Trusted Vendor through the Interim External Certificate Authority (IECA/ECA) Program.

Users who do not remember their software certificate password will need to contact the DoD Trusted Vendor from the Interim External Authority (IECA/ECA) Program, https://public.cyber.mil/eca/, to get it reset.


DoD installroot tool, InstallRoot_5.5x32_NonAdmin.msi

If you are still unable to access the application, please contact the NITC Operations Watch at 805-982-2555.  For additional information about PKI, you can call the Navy PKI Help Desk at (800) 304-4636.

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